Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few thoughts for today.

I came across this post today and was amazed.  You will want kleenex.  It is all about the first moments with your child.  The comments are just as moving!  Breathtaking.

For dinner I made Chicken Spaghetti.  Another yummy recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  I am obviously obsessed with her these days!  This will be my meal for meal group in February!

What are my boys doing while I type this...They both have their winter hats on.  Henry is yelling "Charge" and Charley is running full force into our old red couch.  Henry then follows....woops...they are into the dress up clothes and will be running full force into the couch dressed as a knight, superman, and maybe fireman.

This ain't going away anytime soon!

Picture taken by Uncle Greg

Worked out again today - 32 minutes on the elliptical.  I will work out for more than 12 weeks (since I always lose steam around that point)...because I have a feeling it is week 13 that I will look like this...

13 weeks and l will wear heels like this superstar.
I will walk Charley into preschool carrying that clutch.
It's possible - yeah, not a chance!
But who can name her?  Come on!  Take a guess!


Heather said...

Oh good a game, I think I know is it Victoria Beckham (aka posh spice I think)?

Anonymous said...

Um, you forgot to mention her hot husband!

Eww! I hope you don't ever look like her. Well, I'll let you wear the heels and clutch, but that's about it.


Kelly said...

Glad to see you are loving PW! :)


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