Saturday, January 9, 2010

Early Saturday

Henry woke early again and Ed, bless his heart, went and got him and plopped in between us.  He fell back asleep...but I couldn't.  The air is dry and all I could think about was a nice glass of cold orange juice.  So I slid out of bed...thinking...

I will just get up and go down and sit in the dark and putter around on m computer in peace with my small glass of orange juice before all my boys are up and the chaos fun of a Saturday begins. 

As I creeped out of my room and stood in the hallway - of course - Charley's door slowly opens.  "Mama, I have to go potty." WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!  I respond, "Good boy, go potty - and then go back to bed."  He quietly says, "Okay!"

Oh my gosh!  My chance for a few minutes of peace are still there.

It has been 10 minutes and the clock says 7:06 (We encourage him to stay in bed until the clock has a 7 in that first spot but it doesn't always play out that way).

Sigh.  Sigh.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

No matter what transpires this Saturday.....I got a few moments, sitting in the dark, of "me" time.

And this is what I enjoyed:

My One New Years Resolution by 6512 and Growing

most days...  by Everything I love


Sarah said...

Thanks for the link!

Raina and Andy said...

Sarah-how do you find these blogs? i just read all of them and they all HIT home so much. each one i was like YES! YES YES YES YES. i agree. oh my ...every mother has her thing-that is just unbelievable-it's SO true. i'm sure my "thing" will change with each new phase of Elijah's precious life! thanks for sharing these---keep it up if the actual bloggers don't mind! RR

Sarah said...

I sometimes let them know that I link to them otherwise I think it is a compliment if you are linked on someone's site. Get's you out there.

I just stumble upon them...and if you find a great blog to follow it will often link you to them!

Glad you enjoyed them. I thought they were ones I could read a few times.


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