Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sisterly Christmas Memories

My sister reads my blog often and claims it helps her tackle her often overwhelming days.  Tomorrow we will head to my parents for our Christmas weekend with my family.  To try and make her are two of my favorite childhood Christmas memories featuring her in a leading role. 

When we were little we put our stockings outside our bedroom doors.  When we woke up we could get our stocking and enjoy them in the quiet of our own room...until it was "time" (specified clearly by my parents the night before).  Then we could wake up mom and dad, share what we got in the stocking, and then slowly head downstairs...all together.  My sister was probably 3 or 4 and really hoping for a Mickey Mouse Talking phone.  While we were showing mom and dad stockings...she snuck downstairs....the next thing we heard, "Mom!  I got a Mickey Mouse Talking Phone!"  My brother and I were devestated that our little sister broke the rules - how dare her!

Another sister memory - the year she got my mom this ugly fantastic purple fleece robe-like was lavender and had giant pandas all over it.  My mom still has it.  I remember us all laughing so hard at it...and my sister crying.  I think she will still defend that thing - but she has to admit it was crazy ugly fabulous!  My mom was the best mom - and of course wore it often.  And remembering this moment makes me look forward to the many years ahead when my boys will pick unexpected gifts out for me.

This year she will be a mom for Christmas...she won't just be making drinks, chopping veggies, and helping run the show.  Instead she will be changing diapers, paying attention to the clock and when Eli last ate, pooped, and napped.  She will monitor her cocktails closely, not partake in any dairy treats, and will be exhausted and running on adrenaline.  We are all so excited to see Eli experience his first Christmas.  Our gift to the little bugger is bigger than he is!  EEEK!  Christmas with my family is about being with them all at the same time, leisurely opening gifts, cocktails, walks in the dark to look at lights, playing games, and laughter.  I am looking forward to every second and I know it is all going to go too fast.  See you Saturday Sister!


Anonymous said...

i am still LAUGHING OUT LOUD at raina in the last story!! purple with pandas?! yikes!! you are a good lady grandma barb!!

Anonymous said...

I am NOT going to defend the pajamas. I think as soon as she opened them I knew it was a mistake. But that was back in Sheboygan so it was years ago. (i just defended it!) haha. Everyone made fun of me hard core. It really hurt my feelings.
I love these stories tho :). Tho the picture above makes me look so ungreatful. Why isn't sarah in the picture? is she in her own world??? OR maybe she got sent to her room for being sassy. HAHA. i will find a picture where you aren't up to par. and post it on my blog. be ready :) see you soon-can't wait can't wait! RR

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...
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Sarah said...

HA! Okay, do not start the whole up to par picture competition..could get really ugly! ha! Note your picture is when you were under 5 years old! And NO WAY was I in my room for being sassy...we were living in IL and I was always an angel. Haha! That you defended it! Couldn't help yourself.

Anonymous said...

Is that you standing, SArah? I totally see Charlie!


Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong Charlie. I meant Charley. ;)

Anonymous said...

Such cute stories! Those Pj's sound awesome! It's exciting to think that your kids will be forming their own memories of fun Christmas moments now. Don't you wonder what moments will stick out for them?
Shelley Z

Sarah said...

That is Raina and Greg in the picture. And yes, Shelley, I wonder what traditions that I am not thinking are traditions will be traditions to them. Hope you are all having a good weekend. Thanks for reading!


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