Sunday, December 20, 2009

No more music...

So we were discussing the blog last night...and the topic of music came up.  My brother brought up the point...are there any other blogs, especially bigger blogs, that I follow, who play music.  Nope.  I have read advice that says not to have music playing on your blog.  I have some close friends that have said they like the music...but my brother pointed out...readers who are checking at work might be annoyed.  My husband then said that if you work in a hospital and you check it at work - the music part of the blog takes up bandwidth that could keep a doctor from getting results that he/she needs to get quickly...causing serious health repercussions.

He also pointed out that you open a blog and then you go from there and soon you have 5 tabs open with different blogs and you don't know which one is playing the music.  Once again annoying.

And there are friends' blogs that I read who have music that I don't prefer personally - and so...I think it is take it off.  Let me know if you want to know what we are listening to in our house from time to time.  But for today...I am going to take it off and see if I can survive. 


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I understand all of your comments about music. I usually have my volume muted so I don't even notice the music. But, honestly, the other day, I wrapped presents with the girls and our radio didn't work, so I opened your blog and we just listened to your music for over an hour! It was great, but I understand the comments. Just wanted to share that with you. Jamie Trampe

Sarah said...

Thanks Jamie. That means a lot. I am not sure if I will keep the music off. We'll see. I kept my music on the other blog so you could always go back to that one and play that :) It was my way of hearing some favorite songs without buying them off itunes etc. So we'll see.

Anonymous said...

hahah..i have done the exact same thing as Jamie!! i have listened when no other music available! but at work i have to turn it off each time i look at it, so i can go either way!


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