Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here are a few pictures from this evening...note the aprons made by Grandma Charlie.  Notice that I have both boys helping me at the same time (I wondered if this was possible; Charley has been my cooking assistant and now it is time for Henry to join in!).  And finally, note the rolling pin with the red handles.  It was my Grandma Dort's.  Next weekend we will celebrate the holidays with my family, including some of my grandma's brothers and sisters.  We will miss my Great Aunt Ellie's laugh this year, she passed away this fall.  And oh how I wish my Grandma Dort would be there for the big rip.  She and I Christmas shop alike...from what my mom says.  Henry is going to be a riot this year and I know she would find so much joy in my boys.  But we will enjoy those that are there with us and know that those that aren't are watching from above and their spirits will surround us. 

Here are a few pictures from our evening.  The tree is full of gifts to give now.  None of these presents are for anyone in our house.  I have learned after Charley's birthday not to put out anything ahead of time.  Charley and I have been wrapping machines during naptime! 



I did it!



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