Friday, November 6, 2009

Summer days - long gone!

This is the time of year when I think back and remember feeling like I had the whole summer ahead of me. We would have plenty of days to play in the sandbox, run through the sprinkler, stop at a park, go for walks, blow bubbles, and play with chalk.

Now is the time when I wonder - why didn't we stop at the parks more. We never drew the big board game with chalk on the driveway. We hardly ran through the sprinkler and the sandbox didn't get enough time with us. We walked a ton but we should have walked more. And there were friends that we never spent a summer day we planned (Kimmer).

This is the time of year when I love the cozy dark evenings, yet hate that Ed often doesn't see our house in the daylight (since he often leaves before the sun is up and gets home after the sun is down). I love the leaves changing and falling, but it also means colder temperatures - which means kneeling down, helping with shoes (no more sandals ), zipping jackets, recovering lost mittens from odd nuks around the house, and the hat battle.

Here in Minnesota the winters are long. It takes a ton of effort to convince myself and the boys to get outside for some precious vitamin D time. But living in Minnesota also means you get surprise gorgeous days...when the sky is an endless blue, the wind is calm, and the sun warms your face. It is days like yesterday, today, and hopefully tomorrow when it takes a little less effort to bundle up and head out to enjoy the fresh air.

This morning before Charley went to preschool we played hide and seek among our trees. We waved goodbye to Chuck. Then I, in my pjs, pulled out a lawn chair and with my cup of cider sat and enjoyed Henry in his pjs puttering around with the rocks and his car. Fresh air! Sooo good. Last night we stopped at a park as the sun was setting...and boy does the air cool quickly. But the sun on the boys happy faces reminded me to take advantage of these last comfortable days of fall! Hopefully we have a few more this month.

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Next summer??? :(



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