Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little GIRL in our frat house this weekend!

This weekend Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and cousin Morgan came to visit. What does this mean....
Crazy tights!
High pitch squeals!
Pink shoes!
A little bit of girl in this frat house!
We hadn't seen Morgan since Fourth of July - too long! Her cheeks are delicious and her serious little look makes you wonder what she is thinking as she takes everything in. She joined us for a chilly night of trick or treating. She wore a ladybug costume...but it was a secret because she was covered in blankets...and slept the whole one point we checked on her and snapped a picture and she was awake...wonder what she thought was going on. We wish they lived closer so that we could see her more often. I sure enjoyed getting my hands on a baby - especially a petite little pink one!

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