Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday recap

Amazing moments from our family's Thanksgiving Extravaganza...

Amazingly, I barely cracked my computer during our 5 days of travel. I also didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped...and the ones I took were disappointing. I haven't felt really bloggy lately and it is making me a little sad. I hope that the month of December inspires me again.

Travel is easy with two little boys. I love that I can say this. Our boys have grown up travelling long distances to see those they love. Today we made it from my parents house to our home without getting the boys out of the car (6 hours). BAM! We eat in the car and there is very little commotion.

We were able to squeeze in a night with Ed's high school friend Mike and their family. The boys love playing together, the mom's catch up, and Ed and Mike have little smiles as soon as they see each other.

Ed's Aunt Katy hosts Thanksgiving EVERY YEAR! She hosts it at her magnificent table! The meal is amazing, canasta is fun, and almost everyone sleeps at their house. Thank you Aunt Katy for making your house open to all of us.

My brother was in charge of making the turkey this year at my family's dinner. He did an amazing job. The rest of the meal was 95% dairy free.... I think. Both my sister and brother live dairy free lives right now. We managed to have everything we traditionally have and we were able to make most of it dairy free. I don't think anyone could tell :) My sister's plate was as full as mine! I am so proud that we were able to do this so that the meal was fantastic for all.

We were able to see both Great Grandparents...Ed's Grandma Penny and my Grandpa Schnooksie.

Our little picky eater, Henry, napped through one Thanksgiving feast and he sat totally overwhelmed at the other. Later in the day he did enjoy a piece of bread and butter; note the butter smile on his face.

Saturday night we once again pulled out some childhood board games that we used to play with my grandma. At one point we all had tears rolling down our faces from laughing so hard. I love having this time with my family and I love that Ed is there sharing in it with me.

It amazes me how a year ago Ed and I had siblings expecting babies. To think that a year from now life can change in such huge ways. Loved this little moment that I caught...

It was a joy to see Morgan and Eli again. Both are doing so well. Eli is still a little hunk of love. He is a tiny guy but gives such BIG JOY!

Amazingly, at both celebrations all who were invited attended. Everyone felt healthy. I found this amazing -this year especially.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The time always goes way too fast. But before we know it Christmas will be here. Yikes - there is so much to do these days. Time for some shut eye. Happy Monday all!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you blogged about your weekend...your family adventures going to and fro always intrigue me! our weekend flew by too quickly, but was so special and fun, too. that pic of your in laws with morgan is perfect. i even love how each of them has a dinner plate, a glass of wine and a glass of's like a perfect place setting! pics of eli--too cute! love his smile and LOVE that he's found his tootsies!!
ps--i hope that the holidays and the month of december, with its promises of snowmen, giggles between brothers, holiday chatter, wonders about what santa will bring, cookies, baking, cooking etc...will keep you feeling like blogging!!

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

pw- your thoughts always make me smile. I hope your little Lily gobbled up a big feast. Have a great week...and you are right - December promises much excitement.

Anonymous said...

I was much more laid back this Thanksgiving and treasured the help of all - especially two son-in-laws who make the trek to our house and pitch right in!! Our three grandsons are such a joy - each in their own special way. Thanks for the laughs you big kids of ours.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Such a great photo of Mike, Becca, & Morgan. That's a keeper! Like the one of Ed in your hallway that I love.



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