Friday, October 23, 2009

A Large Range of Mountains and one Little Valley...

A few mountains today....
  • The other day I ran to Target with Henry to shop for Charley's birthday and I priced a toy at 14.99. Then Ed and I went to Toys R Us and got it...for $15.79. When I told Ed that it was about a dollar less at Target he encouraged me to take it back and get it from Target. Of course I was a little annoyed, but I get it. Every dollar adds up and in a year it can add up to a whole lot! So this morning Henry and I ran to Target and guess what! It was now on sale for $9.99! WOO HOO! Score! Another thing we bought was $3.49 instead of 5 something at Toys R Us so on Monday I will return two things to Toys R Us! We didn't stop at Toys R Us right away because it was pouring rain and I didn't have both items to return.
  • We had a nice happy morning without turning on the TV! Awesome! Charley and I challenged ourselves with the TV for the next week. I will blog more about it later. But for now! Pumped that the TV didn't interrupt our morning before preschool!
  • However, when Charley was at preschool I couldn't resist turning on Dora for Henry. He loves her. I am determined to video him watching it. He shouts answers to her questions and is even right at times. He wandered about the house with me saying, "Dora, Dora, Dora Go Dora!" So cute!
  • On Charley's ride home from school the carpool mom said her daughter invited Charley over to their house to play and Charley replied, "Well, you see, I have this little brother and his name is Henry and he needs me." This just warms my heart.
Okay and now my valley....the moment that has me fuming...just a little.

So it is raining and snowing all morning. And the mail truck pulls up and I am watching from the window to see if there is going to be any excitement with the mail today (being Charley's birthday). And I can see she has pulled out a large envelope. She tries to put it in the box - dumb because it is too big. Then I watch her try to bend it. Pissed! What if it shouldn't bend. So I quickly rush outside in my slippers in the rain and snow. She sees me coming and I am half way down the driveway (which is not that long). She yells...I will just set it here and tries putting it on top of the newspaper now I am within reach and the package falls to the ground and lands in the gutter. I sighed loudly, tipped my head, and said. It is my son's birthday. She replied, "Sorry about that." She was a sub today...not our normal lady. Our normal lady runs to the door if there is something too big for the box....AND IT IS RAINING! If it wasn't raining...fine but come on! I was RIGHT THERE! It just really bugged me. If I hadn't seen her and come out would she have just let it lay there as water rushed over it!

Note: The package was dried off and placed on our hearth...I guess that is what it is called since no one corrected me in a prior post :)

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April said...

Ahh, I totally understand about the mailbox. Our mail carrier will shove stuff in that shouldn't be bent. Like picture envelopes (come on it says Kodak all over the envelope!) and the other day the guy shoved a box in and we couldn't get it out! Kevin broke the mail box trying to get it out! Its not that far to our front door either, so frustrating!


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