Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Henry time...

Henry goes to school on Tuesday mornings with mommy. Charley is in heaven in the room next door with his buddy and a room full of toys. Henry toddles from one station to the next. His confidence grows each week. It is fun to watch him take in the other little kids his age. He is warming up to his teachers and smiles a little more each week. During this hour and a half I am not distracted by house chores, my computer, or Charley. I get to sit down and just absorb every facial expression and moment of exploration that this little character encounters. And boy is he a character. They have this trampoline thing that one child at a time can jump on while holding a bar that is in front of them. All the kids LOVE it! Henry just stands and watches and makes no effort to try. Today they put it in the middle of the circle and each child jumped while we sang a name song. This week when it was Henry's turn he popped right up and went and put one foot up on it and then said, "NO!" and came and sat back down by me. Everyone was just as excited as me when he popped up. But at the end of class the teacher pulled it out again and once again all the kids were going at it. Once they were all getting their jackets on Henry and I hung back and the kid did it! He climbed up and jumped. It took several minutes of climbing up and down but finally he jumped! Everyone was so excited. It was a proud moment for mama. I think he is kind of like his daddy that way...he doesn't want any attention drawn his way. I was similar when I was little...I think. I still am for the most part...but this reminds me of Ed. Here are a few moments of Henry at school. He is a joy. A PURE joy!

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love the masking tape name tag! RR


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