Monday, October 26, 2009

Heaven = Toys R Us Catalog to little boys!

Yep! The Toys R Us toy catalog arrived this weekend and before I could snatch it and put it away for a later date, I like to keep it in my pocket for a crabby day when Charley needs a distraction...closer to Christmas, the boys got a hold of it. Immediately they dropped to the floor and were completely absorbed in dreaming, oohing and ahhing, and squealing over silly toys. Even Henry shouted Dora anytime her lovely brown eyes peered back at him.

tis the season for dreaming ...


Anonymous said...

i remember circling all this stuff in the JC Penny catalog....and it was probably allll dumb. LOVE IT!!! so fun. even after Charley got all those new toys for his bday!?!?!?!? RR

The Gardiner Family said...

My girls love this too!


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