Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Charley!

Dear Charley,

We kicked off your weekend with a fun have opened one present...lesson learned (This Christmas we will keep all presents hidden until it is time to open because 5 year olds are patient but parents are not when they have to listen to their five year old talk about presents everyminutefortwodaysstraight, sigh!) You are in bed, quiet...gazing at your first 5 year old birthday present a Moon on Your Wall - Thank you Uncle Greg! I have poured myself a glass of wine and am realizing....

Your birthday is exciting for you but me, the is a slap in the face at how fast life is flying by and how life changes so quickly....and of old I am getting. All week I have caught myself thinking about where we lived when you were born, what our routines were, how I survived working and being a mommy. I looked at Henry and realized how little I remember of your first 2 years...and it made me gasp as my heart rate quickened. Thank goodness for blogging because I feel like I will have documentation of some of these current little things. Part of it is that I look at your baby pictures and see so much of Henry. My mind goes right to maybe as we move out of this baby stage with him things will straighten out in my head. But one thing I do know, you were our first. You were our miracle. You were our only for 3 years and we absorbed every second we had with you. Then you became a big brother and have blossomed and grown into such a grand young man!

These days you amaze us with your insight and knowledge, "Do you know what?" Is how you often start much of what you have to share. Your grandparents and Aunts and Uncles that speak with you on the phone are amazed at how clearly you speak and how well you can hold a conversation. You have started reading and are sounding out words and making your way slowly through beginning reader books! You will sit for many many books before we turn off the light at night. You are passionate about Star Wars and are quickly transitioning into "big boy" toys (at least to mama they are big boy toys). You have finally started sitting for long stretches building with your tinker toys and lincoln logs and legos...all by yourself. You still enjoy helping me cook and even helped Grandma flip pancakes! You are casting your fishing pole like a pro. You love school, playdates, parks, and games. You aren't excited about riding your bike too much yet. Maybe next summer. You sleep from about 7 pm until 6 or 7 am. You no longer take naps. You are still our amazing eater, but have grown a little more opinionated about things. You can manipulate yourself around kid websites and love to watch "shows."

But the thing that most amazes me these days - is your attitude about being a big brother. You were excited day 1 when we told you that you were going to be a big brother. You have been patient and loving. Henry is getting to the age where he can play with you and you are so good about slowing down, showing him things, giggling, and teaching him the ways. You get silly and sometimes too rough - but that is what being brothers is all about. You often translate what Henry is saying -- even when it translates into something that you ultimately want. You are a big brother. And you do the job so well.

My son tomorrow you are five! FIVE! Some kids are in kindergarten for their fifth year of life. I am so grateful that I get you for this last year before our life is ruled by school. It is going too fast...I will admit that I really miss your toddler smell. You are starting to smell more like a boy and to cuddle you at times...well let's just say I miss burrowing my face in you and sighing. It just reminds me to relish that time with Hank. However, I love that we can play Sequence now and you are getting the strategy part of the game! I love that I can reason with you, discuss the world and how it works, and am inspired to enjoy and play each and every day!

I hope that this "Family time" birthday is wonderful and happy for you. We are so blessed to call you our son. Happy Birthday!

Your mama

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