Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grace in Small Things #26

1. Warm apple cider - okay, I guess I like cider. Today instead of my Simply Apple I had some actual cider brewed in the north woods with Hauser apples! yummy! And sipping it in the their living room surrounded by the fall trees makes it that much more delicious.

2. Ed's mom who is taking time to teach me how to can applesauce today and into the wee hours I assume tonight.

3. An understanding husband who assures me to not stress about the mishaps that I preform in this thing called life. Counting my blessings, glad it wasn't worse, and moving on. I will sleep better tonight.

4. I have a young man with a fever who is napping and tired all day. Mr. C is not himself...I knew it when he slept until 9am this morning! Henry happened to sleep until 8am...was I taking advantage and sleeping...No, I lay there wondering what the heck was going on?

5. Reading...I have been reading lately. Feels good. Calm. Cozy. The last couple books I read have been excellent.(Check out my shelf on the left side of my blog). Heading north for the weekend I knew I wanted a book. I appreciate my friend Sarah allowing me to stop in early yesterday morning on our way out of town. I walked away with a pile of books to read! Yum!

Bonus: I hate to go get my haircut in the evening. When Ed gets home I want to sit down as a family to eat and then be cozied in with my family. Running to St. Paul for a haircut is not appealing...even though I relish going kid-free so I can enjoy the head massage. I have been trying to get in with my gal but it just hasn't matched ...her openings and my time to run there. On Tuesday we hightailed it to St. Paul so I could get my haircut- finally! Feels good. Then later we ran over to get my brows waxed. Both appointments they were quiet, calm, and troopers. Someday they are going to make GREAT husbands!


Anonymous said...

LOVE these. i need to start doing them. even if not on my blog...just in my head. i'm not an appreciative person like you are! RR

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

It really has been a good thing. I don't always type them but I think about it everyday. Makes me take in the moments and appreciate.


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