Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fall Treat...

Today Lynelle's Fall Treat arrived on her doorstep. Conveniently, I could deliver it and skip the post office errand (the post office is not a favorite errand, hence, my mom's comment not believing that a fall treat would ever be delivered)...Next give away will be here before you know it! I made her 2 dozen m & m cookies and got her one of my favorite fall things these days, Simply Apple juice. My sister will testify that my response to any of her new mom stresses....a cup of warm Simply Apple juice. So enjoy Lynelle! All kidding aside...some of you are skeptical of Lynelle winning...she won fair and square...you can ask my all to honest husband who didn't catch on when I asked, "Do you think I can send everyone a fall treat?"

Happy Fall everyone....enjoy every second because the snow is really anxious to get here...as you can tell - those of you who live in these parts yesterday.


Lynelle said...

Thanks Sarah for the yummy treat! It was perfect snack for between school conferences!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Lynelle! Luckier Sarah to have her as a friend.

Anonymous said...

Now i'm really wishing i left a comment that day!!


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