Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here or rather - tis the season for hacking and sniffles..

fa la la la laaaaa la la la la!
The day started off with Ed not feeling well and Charley not a 100%. Henry and I have been lucky so far and haven't been hit by the head cold + fever. Both Charley and Ed have experienced it and when it struck both boys were out. Today Charley just had a head fever. So he was himself but a little more crabby. All you mom's out there know what it is like when daddy is sick. Even though our day wasn't that much different...since he is normally at work...but, we all know that when Daddy is around but "not around" it makes everyone a little off. When moms have that feeling of being the sole parent for the day it is overwhelming and weighs heavy on one's shoulders. I did get to run to the grocery store first thing -all by myself to get our fridge stocked for the week. Returning home and shooing Ed up to bed the boys and I continued to keep ourselves busy playing, cleaning up, unpacking, etc. It was a beautiful day so we even went outside for a bit. In the afternoon while Charley rested and watched my favorite childhood movie, Annie, for the first time, I got some Oatmeal Bread baking. This is what we all needed...some soup and homemade bread.

Late afternoon, Ed perked up and we all ventured outside for some fresh air. He is still not a 100% but claims he is good. Here are some shots of the boys enjoying our leaf pile.

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Grandma Charlie said...

Your oatmeal bread turned out great! Good job Sarah!!


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