Saturday, October 17, 2009

Expanding our Horizons in the North Woods

We have had a delightful weekend "Up North".....well, Charley actually got sick and we had to lay low for a few days but that gave me time to learn how to can applesauce with my mother-in-law. We canned 11 Quarts and 47 pints! Incredible! Today Charley finally felt good so we headed out for an adventure...we stopped at a couple garage sales, a local coop type store, and then we hit the neighboring town's marina. They were taking the large sailboats/yachts out for the winter. We were all entranced and I couldn't help but take video so that my dad could see what we saw. I thought he might be impressed.

After Henry's nap we headed outside to dig up some potatoes that Charlie planted with grandma earlier this summer. The boys had a blast digging them up.

Always something new to learn at Grandma we can head back and Charley can go to school on Monday and say:

Do you know what....I dug up potatoes.
Do you know what...we have enough applesauce to feed the town.
Do you know what...

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