Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updates = Life is good:

1. Grocery Shopping challenge:
Last night for dinner we had enchiladas, salad, and corn on the cob.

This morning for breakfast the boys both had some apple, one eggo waffle, and two bowls of Target brand Lucky Charms! NEVER GOING BACK to "THE LUCKY CHARMS"!

Lunch we had turkey, lettuce, cheese sandwiches, cucumbers, and a banana.

For a snack Charley and his buddies had ice cream cones with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

For dinner we will have brats, baked beans, salad w/ lettuce, cucumbers, and a tomato from our garden. Maybe some pita chips and hummus for an appetizer.

Definitely not a fancy day but no money spent, pretty balanced meals, and everyone is happy.

2. This morning we had a great walk and then headed to meet Charley's new preschool teacher. It should be a nice year.

3. Charley had a playdate with his twin friends John and Michael. They played in the sandbox, ate ice cream, and caught grasshoppers! Love those boy playdates!

4. Ed arrived home early which is always a fun surprise. We have a long evening ahead of us to fill with family time....or I could go get a pedicure...hmmmm....

5. The weather here this week has been absolutely perfect! The mornings are cool - perfect for walking. The afternoons get nice and warm but with the windows open the house stays cool enough to be comfortable. My allergies have so far been tolerable. Our grass is green and not burned up from dry days and hot sun. It is just perfect!

Life is good.

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The Gardiner Family said...

I agree Life is good!


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