Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This morning I had the Swiffer broom out (without a cleaning pad on it) and Henry found this to be very entertaining. He pushed it around, carried it around, and found lots of enjoyment in it. Now he is down for a nap and Charley is at a friend's house to play (Thank you Heather). I have time to do the floors without pitter pattering little feet following me around. And guess what!?

I CAN NOT FIND THE SWIFFER BROOM! What the heck! It isn't like it can get thrown in the wrong toy bin or shoved under the couch! Where could a 20 month old put something that is almost three times his height. I am baffled and also frustrated. It isn't like I can wake him up and ask him. I also have this deep down feeling that I got frustrated with him walking around smacking it into walls and furniture that I took it and shoved it somewhere without thinking.

So mom, you arrive tonight and the bathroom floor might not be as clean as I wanted because I can't find the damn Swiffer broom.


Anonymous said...

So funny...probably not to you...but to those that aren't involved...hilarious!

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

Update: After picking Charley up from his friends I thought, I will just ask Charley. Sure enough...he took off in the direction of the couch. He had shoved it under the couch. I NEW I should have looked. UGH!


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