Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September's Grocery Challenge

One of the blogs I read is having a grocery shopping challenge for the month of September. She has done it the last two years and has challenged others to give it a try. So we are going to try...although the month has a few challenges...

1. I am hosting a family "Survivor" weekend and that will require buying more food than normal.

2. I am hosting Henry's baptism...which might require more food...depending on what we do for it.

3. A wedding/mini vacation weekend for Ed and I.

So taking those three events into consideration I am going to commit to spending no more than $75.00 on groceries a week. I am focusing on food so this will include eating groceries. I am not ready to commit to liquor/beer/toiletries/ and other household goods. Maybe next month. HOWEVER, this also includes eating out! Whether it is ice cream treats, dinner out, etc. My friend Lynelle has already been helpful by encouraging us to come home for lunch today instead of going to get pizza after our Choo Choo Bob's excursion. Thank you! This afternoon I went to Target to get groceries and spent $60.80! So I still have a little left for the usual forgotten items.

Today I bought:
turkey lunch meat
bag of hearts of romaine lettuce
soft taco shells
soft burrito shells
can of cream of mushroom
can of tomato soup
can of enchilada sauce
nectarines .99/lb
3 boxes of cereal
hotdog buns
loaf of bread
2 onions
powdered buttermilk
gallon milk
1/2 gallon whole milk
2 pounds ground beef
2 frozen lemonade concentrates
1 extra large bag of shredded cheese
1 small bag of shredded cheese
1 box of butter
1 package of spreadable butter
1 container of hummus

Where I could have saved...
I didn't really need the powdered buttermilk at this time but I have been looking for it forever. I didn't need to buy two lemonades.

I saved money today by buying Target brand cereal for the first time. I usually buy name brand cereals but since Charley wasn't along to be the whiner who is begging for the box I am going to give it a try. I also didn't buy the bread that we usually buy.

So here goes our first week! Can we do it? YES, we can!

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