Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just another day here in the our house (without daddy)...

So Ed is on one of his annual golf weekends. So nice for him and so well deserved. Unfortunately this year Henry is choosing to teeth. He has almost all of his teeth but these two are giving us a run for our money. Well- actually I shouldn't complain because it is him that I feel so sadly for. They were working their way up a couple weeks ago...seemed to take a break and are working on it again. I know because his nose runs out of the blue and he has a constant waterfall pouring from his mouth leaving a big puddle where ever he is playing. He has been waking by 5:45 in the morning because his Motrin is worn off and he isn't about to take it and go back to sleep. He didn't nap yesterday and that pushed me over the edge and I took him in. I had an appointment made for 4 pm because I didn't want Saturday to roll around and wish I had gone. He has been more clingy than normal and I had a feeling maybe his ears were bothering him. I was right but it is such a minor ear infection that the doc doesn't want me to fill the prescription for a few days - he thinks it is due to the teething and will go away on its own. He has been so grouchy that today I was ready for another long one - and recently Grandma Charlie brought this t-shirt. How perfect!

We have had a really nice day just being home. Charley has been pretty independent and Henry has been happy and took a nice nap. They even helped me sort and fold laundry, clean windows, bake banana bread, weed what used to be the flower bed, clean the garage up, pick tomatoes, do more laundry, wipe off cupboard doors, clean the fridge, and PLAY! This evening for dinner I was so tempted to run out and grab something because I really didn't want to mess the kitchen again (how many mom's out there feel like their life is messing and then cleaning up the kitchen...never ending). However, we decided to make pancakes...and Charley thought it would be fun to take cookie cutters and make shapes out of them. He remembered from a birthday party we went to (Molly had the kids cut their sandwiches into fun shapes!). We've cut our toast in fun shapes but I forget how fun that makes a regular old meal. So we got out the pumpkin and ghost cutters and the boys were happy...and so was mama.


Anonymous said...

fun-are those grandma schneider pancakes? YUM RR

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

Yes, Grandma Schneider pancakes! They work perfect for these because they are so big!


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