Friday, August 14, 2009

Pay attention so you don't miss the moments

I was talking with a friend recently and she was saying how they had been at the zoo all morning and it had gone perfect. They weren't rushed, they were able to leave without a tantrum, baby didn't have a blowout, nursing was needed when there was a bench in the shade...everything fell into place. She appreciated the outing and respected it! I totally understood. There are times when you step back during parenting and think - wow, I can't believe this is going so well. Or after the fact: wow- I can't believe that went that way.

Today was one of those days. We had the playdate at the sprinkler park and instead of plunking our crap by the park side we plunked by the sprinklers. I got Henry going with the sprinklers...and since we have been there often lately this is what I saw...

Yes folk! I got to sit on the towel with my friend Meg and talk about life while Charley was off running crazy and free. And my little man Henry! He actually ran up to me, told me "one more" and then took off to....

run through the sprinklers and then he came running right back to me to tell me one more time! I did take a moment and think to myself...this is an amazing moment. I respected the moment. I savored it. I am guessing on Monday when we hit the park again with other friends it will not go like this. But hey, I got it once and this I will take it.

Pay attention friends! Your children grace you with these moments periodically. Where everything from the wind, the temperature, a place to sit, the fellow children at play, and the company you are keeping are - perfect! You deserve these moments. I got this today. I wish you all many of them.

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