Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liquid Gold...

In an effort to try and cut down on our grocery bill we are going to hit Costco today. It will be my first time. I am determined to buy what we need and not what looks like great deals (like huge containers of cheese puff balls). Ed and I are determined to budget life and one of the areas that we can control is our grocery bill. So today we will go to see what we can buy in bulk so that we aren't buying it every week. So this morning I cleaned out our freezer to make thing for sure. We will not be buying chicken breasts...I have so many chicken breasts in our freezer it is almost exciting to think of how many recipes I could have made these last couple weeks without buying chicken breasts.

Those of you who know what this know how sickening this is for me to come across and toss...whether it is the emotional tie or the value and hard work that it takes to produce and extract. Take a moment to pause as this is tossed into the garbage. Those of you in this stage of pumping....use it! Don't waste it! Insist on a girls night out, go to a movie all alone, or go sit in your car and read your book! Anything! It is really hard to throw this away - avoid my experience.

*On a side note...Charley has taken to sleeping in his underwear and a t-shirt and then wants to run around like that during our morning play. Not sure I am loving this stage. Yes, it is only a stage and I will nip this one in the butt...literally! Very soon! I just can't stand looking at R2D2 or Batman smiling at me on his behind.

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