Friday, August 21, 2009

Friends who are moms!

What a wonderful night of friends who happen to be moms - Paula, Mom of 3

Last night was the annual Mom's Club Anniversary Dinner. It was my first time attending. There were 20 plus mom's who were able to attend. We got to dress up and have a night out as friends. One of the amazing moms who organized the event said it was a night of friends who happen to be moms. We celebrated, enjoyed yummy food, and sipped several drinks.

When I started my journey as a stay at home mom I joined this non-profit organization in hopes of finding friends for myself and my boys. Through this group I have connected with a number of women and know there are many more that are there for support and friendship when the moment presents itself. The group has helped keep me sane by getting us out of the house with play dates, book club, Mom's night out, and more. My meal coop evolved from this group of fabulous women. I have developed some friendships that I know will last way longer than the years of diapers.

Being home is tougher than you think it is going to be. I had this vision of what it would be like, what it would feel like, and how it would effect me as a woman. It can be very secluded and one can feel very alone. Days can pass without leaving the walls of your home or talking with anyone who doesn't needs their shoes tied or their butt wiped by you. The Moms Club has made being home a joy. It has made the rough days better and the great days greater. It is not an obligation but there if you need it. Most of all it has connected me with great women who are there to laugh with, chat with, cry with, support, and celebrate. It is a chance to relate and be real with other women who are living a similar life of motherhood. Last night was great. Thank you Paula and committee for organizing such a fun night out!

Lynelle and I - a best friend who came out of my membership to MOMS Club

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Anonymous said...

CHEERS to EVERY SINGLE woman who stays home with her Kiddos. What a blessing to be able to-but WHAT HARD WORK. RR


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