Thursday, July 30, 2009

Up North Family expands by 1!

So this year our "up north family" had a new member added to it. Eli, Raina and Andy's little miracle, joined us this week at 5 weeks of age! The tiny little bug made the journey up with no problems proving to mama Raina that her first obstacle, the journey north, Eli's first big road trip, didn't need to be a worry. What a nice way to start the adventure.

For me it was my first time seeing my sister as a mom (outside of the hospital). It took 24 hours for me to not turn and smile to myself at them singing to their little burrito and doing all the little mommy things. She disappeared with him when he needed to eat, he rarely fussed, and he was loved up by all around. The tiny guy is now a little over 7 pounds and holding him made me realize that my boys were once this size but at day one of their journey in life. He snuggled right up to people and slept. He looked around with interest. My boys gave him a little attention. Henry can now say 'baby' and came over to get peeks. We even got him to hold little Eli but I haven't gotten those pictures off my camera yet. I also haven't been able to play around with my pictures so I haven't worked on them to make them just how I want them. But I have heard from some friends that they are going into withdrawal from my lack of blogging. So I thought I would get a few thoughts and pictures up. Also for Colleen...since I know you are probably dying to picture the action up here this year.

Baby Eli was a big part of our "up north" adventure this year. Raina, Andy, and Eli left today and it is now quiet. Not sure what the next couple of evenings will have in store for us. I will miss them up here. But heck, they are home in their clean beds, lacking spiders, and dirty floors; loving up their little burrito with all their at home luxuries. I just put Henry down for a nap in the bedroom where they slept and it smelled like baby back there.

Welcome baby Eli! Next year will hold new North Twin adventures...dirty sand, table food, sleep routine disruption, big boy cousins who will teach you the fun, and dirty feet and face....and a new little friend for us all to hold (can't wait Colleen and Matt!)

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Peggy, Jason and Lily said...

a WHOLE week with are Soooooooo lucky!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!!


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