Sunday, July 19, 2009

A treat...

I am pretty sure my mom introduced me to the pedicure. It is a treat every woman should give herself...from time to time. I remember going to this little place by our old town house when I was VERY pregnant with Charley. The ladies remembered me when I took friends or family there. Then after Charley was born I took Charley with me and he would sit on my lap in awe of the whole adventure. Not many 2 year olds would sit on their mom's lap for 45 minutes. I was blessed. I don't find time much anymore but every year before the cottage I make sure to get one. It is a gross sand at the cottage so often times your feet are black...but to have clean feet going into the have some pink toes to dangle off the dock...makes it all okay. So I kicked off my weekend away with a quick pedicure and they STILL remember me there....

Totally worth the 25 least that is what I pay :)

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