Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In my next 33 years....

So today I turn the horrific age of 33...just kidding! I look forward to my 33rd year of life. Today I celebrate a great first 33 years of life. As my boys grow older I realize that my birthday has to be a bigger deal because of them. Charley gave Ed a list for Cub Foods..."Party hats, blowers, etc." He accepted that maybe party hats were for kid parties...but he cried when I said I didn't need the blowers. He claimed that "Henry needs to be able to try those things." Ed arrived home with all that was on the list. Charley baked a cake with chocolate frosting with Grandma Charlie and he has done a great job of keeping the whining to a minimum. Having Grandma Charlie here has given me a day to take it easy. I got to have lunch with my girlfriend and ran a few errands. Tonight we will feast on fettuccine alfredo with shrimp and broccoli and some chocolate cake. After dinner tonight Charley couldn't wait to play party games....however, we distracted him and did not have to play Duck Duck Goose! Yikes!

I was wished Happy Birthday by many friends and family, was given time to relax, yummy food, and time with my family. It was a perfect day. Charley insisted at dinner that "This is your best birthday ever. Isn't it mama!" He also informed me, "You get to eat as much birthday cake as you want because you are the birthday girl." Thank you to all that made my day special.


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

That is a precious story! You are such a good mama. I wasn't planning on doing anything for myself tomorrow. Maybe we'll go get breakfast at Alterra to celebrate!! Great song. :)

Raina and Andy said...

that picture is PERFECT! i love it. everyone looks happy (well henry is perpelxed or whatever) but seriously-i love how even you and ed seem to have real smiles on your face.
happy birthday big sis! 33 can you believe it?! wow.

Barb said...

Very, very special! I hope you played at least one game on your best birthday ever. I love this photo - but where's Henry's hat? ha ha I think his hand is resting on a fork/spoon, ready for some cake - he doesn't want to let that get out of sight.

Meg said...

Such a CUTE picture of your family!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY---my wishes are a day belated--sorry!


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