Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Early mornings...and the world spins madly on...

Henry has gifted me with early morning rising the last few mornings...5:30AM - COME ON! I am trying to have a really good attitude about it. Today we snuggled under a blanket and watched Sesame Street...I know, he isn't two yet, but what else are we going to do at 5:30 in the morning. If my husband wasn't such a hard worker I could get a good walk in with my little guy...but he is- so sitting cozy is what we will do this morning.

And my world spins madly on...

Yesterday we had some free passes to the Mall of America Amusement park. One of the passes was a lucky one and scored us 100 points. Normally the pass is good for one or two rides. But 100 points is worth almost 30 some rides! So we rode as much as we could handle...or maybe as much as mama could handle. Ever notice that young child rides all go around in circles...at varying degrees of speed. Mama was spinning and dizzy all morning. And then we passed it on to some random stranger that was looking to buy some tickets. Since you have to use it the same day you redeem it. That felt amazing!

Henry has no fear of the rides. But our last ride was a hot air balloon type ride. Where you slowly move up and down in a relaxing manner. It was the highest ride we went on...not the fastest, but the highest. And I noticed this face on Henry for most of the ride. There was a noise he made too...kind of an ewwwwwwwwww! It was kind of his disturbed face. This morning, during the wee hours of the morning he came to me with a toy that had come apart. He had this same face on. So I am pretty sure it is his disturbed face.

I might be making this face by the end of the day...storms predicted - up since 5:30am - and still have to make my freezer meals for meal swap today at 11! Woops...forgot that one yesterday! Happy Tuesday!

Note: The song that plays...often on my blog is a favorite. The words don't necessarily have meaning. But the instrumental in the song I love. I know it starts : I woke up , wished that I was dead....and that is NOT the case. Sometimes I wake up and really hate that it is 5:30 and I can't get another hour and a half of sleep...or more... like my friend Lynelle. However, I wake up ready for a new day, excited to be a mommy to my two boys...and heck, with two extra hours to love them up, fold laundry, and get things done.

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