Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#7 Grace in Small Things - before I became a mama

Things I appreciated before I became a mama...actually I don't think I appreciated them but rather took them for granted...

1. Waking in a lazy way, maybe to my alarm clock, maybe when I felt like it....

2. Showers that lasted more than 5 minutes!

3. Being able to drop what I was doing to go on a date with my husband.

4. My car....not my minivan!

5. Not having a kitchen covered in sticky or crumbs.

6. Not having to bend over 100's of times a day to pick up match box cars...

7. Listening to my music in the car and being able to hear the words and letting them settle in my heart.

8. Patience...I had a ton....

oops...this was only supposed to be 5 things.

We travel 4-5 hours depending on traffic, stops, and whatever else crosses our path today. My boys travel wonderfully for the most part. There are usually only 4 times in a 5 hour trip when I question my sanity - Why am I traveling alone with these little buggers? But for the most part we do well! My next post will be from the north woods!

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