Thursday, July 9, 2009

20 minutes of quiet...means he's up to something...

I "helped" clean Charley's room...the whole time explaining that this is it for me...since basically I clean and he finds joy in playing with all the things I uncover. It is time for him to have this job...I think. So once his room was all clean then his door was shut and he says he is going to play in his room forever, and never come out. Yeah right! So I let him be. When 20 minutes pass and I haven't heard anything...I kind of start to wonder. So I holler up...whatcha doing up there? His response...Nothing. Okay, I know something is up. I give him 5 minutes and then I quietly sneak up and barge in...

As I climb the stairs I wonder if....
a. His room will be a pit once again but hey, he kept himself busy.
b. He has ruined the new blinds we got installed in his room.
c. Who knows...good, bad, or ugly...20 minutes of doing nothing could be anything for a four year old.

Upon entering I am greeted with a four year old ...squeezed into his 3 year old tux from last summer. He replies, "See mama, it still fits. I am playing wedding. Don't I look nice." this is a cute response to the 20 minutes of quiet. I explained it was time for dinner and he needed to take it off. He didn't like that but then realized he wouldn't want to get it dirty for his wedding. So he would take it off and see me at the restaurant for the wedding dinner.

So I have two boys....not girls who dress up in princess dresses. I bet mom's of daughters see their little girls in those dresses and can imagine prom or their wedding day. I, however, have a young man who is extremely handsome in a tux...even if it is too small. And I can imagine him as the prince who will sweep some young lady off her feet.

The big I let him have at it and add it to the dress up bin...or hold on to it in case I need the tux for Hank...or resell it and get our money back on eBay...since it was only worn once. What do you think?

June 2008


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post and this picture. so cute. i love charley so much. such a good little guy!
i would save that tux for henry. chances are he'll need it for some sort of wedding-even if he's not in it, could be cute. but i guess...who knows if all your family/friends are married henry might outgrow it? either way-CUTE that charley put that on. RR

April said...

All I can say is, that made my day!


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