Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on what I wasn't doing

It is always my goal on Fridays to get the house picked up so that we can just kick back and relax on the weekends. I don't want a mound of laundry or a messy kitchen hanging over my head on Saturday mornings. So even today, with our air conditioner on the fritz, in 82 degree heat inside our house, I attacked the kitchen and laundry pile. Ahhhhh - feels good.

To my boys - this morning we had to go get an oil change and it took an hour. And for an hour 8:45-9:45 you were kind, quiet, patient, little gentlemen. Surrounded by 10 silent men waiting for their cars, you listened to your mom (the only woman in the waiting room). You cleaned up when it was time to go. You got along and you made me proud. Blessed - I am! then we hit a new to us splash pad. I love these community parks with the sprinkler set ups. We went to one earlier this week and so this was Henry's second experience and he was much more into it. Charley was once again a great big brother and took him by the hand to guide him through. Free summer fun! And then both boys napped! Blessed!

I am STILL thinking about my sister and family all the time. How dare I complain about the air conditioner, laundry, or dirty dishes. I think that today was a very anxious day for them because they are waiting on test results. They also were busy with visitors (my mom and dad and brother!). I am sure that distracted them for a bit. As soon as I know anything I will update.

Enjoy your Friday night!

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