Sunday, June 14, 2009


A sponge +
A bucket+
A spray bottle +
Some baby shampoo+
the pool from Charley's first summer of fun!+
some water from the hose!

= a fun Sunday morning and a spectacular Sunday afternoon!

This morning we planned on filling our pool (yes, this pool is on it's fifth summer!) and before we knew what was happening Charley appeared in his swimsuit! Running full force! AHHHHH! It was cold! The plan had been to let the water warm all day and hit it after Henry's nap! The morning was spent washing the Cozy Coup....and puttering around in the pool a bit. Charley and I headed to the movie UP around lunch hour while Ed put Henry down for a nap. Loved the movie- great messages for adults! When we returned it was time for the pool again. Henry even got in and played. Charley and I played toss the sponge, sponge tag, and more. It was a really fun time. The best was every time Henry picked up the spray bottle and without meaning to always had it aimed at me. And since I was sitting in the lawn chair being lifeguard it hit me right in the face! I couldn't help but squeal and laugh! Loving the summer on Sundays.

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