Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Good Things for Baby Eli...

Eli, Raina, and Andy all had a great but overwhelming day. Eli and Raina will spend their first night together tonight. He was moved out of ICU into a more normal room. So for me...this is like her first night after giving birth...when it comes to caring for baby Eli. She will wake to feed him, listen to his little noises, and adjust to the overwhelming mommy worries, that all new moms have during their first night. However, she has spent a week watching baby Eli hooked up to various machines and has watched his oxygen go up and down and has more anxiety than the average first time mom. So I send her peace tonight and hope that she can rest, if she can't sleep, and take in these quiet moments she will have with the little bugger tonight.

Not only was he moved out of ICU, he also had his lumbar puncture and they finally got the fluid sample they have been trying for. That will rule out some of the scary stuff they have been thinking he was dealing with...this is mostly a precaution because tests and signs have proven he does not have this virus.

His platelets went up today! Huge deal! Yay!

Andy's mom and dad popped in for a visit. They got to hold him and watch him get a bath. Some of Andy's sisters came too. I am sure they uplifted and distracted them for a while today. My mom and dad got a visit in too. Grandpa Bob got to hold him.

It was an overwhelming day for them....overwhelming in all good ways.

Bailee returned home tonight so Andy will spend his first night at home with Bailee and will return to work tomorrow.

Normal is coming soon Raina. Get through tonight and you will be on your way! Good luck little sister! This is the beginning of living life in the "I have a newborn baby fog". Sleep is for the weak! Be strong!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to read the updates from over the weekend! It sounds like things are really looking up.



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