Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Things

I have waited all day to hear the update and of course it arrived when I wasn't home to share the "good things" right away. I have to play Good Things...since my mom and dad are seeing the BoDeans tonight at summer fest.

It sounds like things are starting to calm down for Raina and Andy. All good news for Eli, also known as E-bug, Eli, Burrito, or Sumo. I can't wait until I can hear how some of these nicknames are coming to be. Raina has also referred to him as a piggy because he is eating like a champ. He has gained 10 oz. in 8 days! What a champ.

He has been moved out of his "warmer" and now is cozy in normal bassinet which Raina is stuffing with little outfits. He got his iv moved from out of his hand to his foot. And yesterday he got to be held by his Grandma Barb.

Last night they returned from dinner out to receive the good news that his blood test came back negative...proving that his earlier test had been a false positive. Since his skin test, blood test, and liver function are all testing well they feel very confident he doesn't have the virus they were worried about. However, they will attempt another Lumbar puncture tomorrow or Monday to make sure there is none if this nasty virus in his spinal fluid (most unlikely...but gotta be safe). He is SUCH a trooper. If that all is negative-he will only need antivirals (I know we've been saying antibiotics but Raina was corrected today that it is an antiviral he is getting) through his IV for about 7 more days.

His platelets are still a wonder right now. Hematology is working on it. They are waiting for Raina and Andy's blood work to return. This might give them some answers. His platelets continue to drop slowly. They are thinking right now that Eli has Andy's platelets and Raina's antigens are fighting off his which case he will need time to just work Raina's blood out of his system ( I think...I am not totally sure if I am understanding this part correctly).

Which means only another short week and they will most likely bring their little guy home! Raina is so excited to have have Eli and Bailee meet. When I hear my sister talk or when I read her emails and texts to me I can feel the love they feel towards their little Eli. She seems very much more relaxed.

Thank you to her co-worker/friend that brought lunch today. Brats, noodles, cucumber (both of which are Raina's favorites), a beer for Andy...not Raina...and other yummy things. I know they appreciate not having to leave and find food for all three meals of the day.

Lots of "Good Things" going on for baby Eli and Raina and Andy. All of your prayers are working!

Happy Saturday!

Here is what little Eli thinks about all of the pokes he's been getting. He says...enough of this medical stuff!


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture!!! You go ELI!! Glad for the good news guys..can't wait to hear that you are going to be taking the little guy home soon! So happy for you! makes my day!

Anonymous said...

What a little trooper little Eli has been!!! Tell them nurses and Drs to take it easy on you :)Glad to hear things are going well!
Steve, Kim and the kiddos

Anonymous said...

Everything I just read and the pictures you posted just make me smile. So happy that things are looking up!

Barb said...

I feel like I made him smile, but I know that he makes me smile even more!


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