Friday, June 12, 2009


Lately the boys have really taken to being silly together -
Being brothers.

I love that they are brothers and they have each other. Charley often times ends Henry's day with a kiss. Charley will say to Henry, "Hug?" and Henry will dive into him and surround him with his little chubby arms. These moments are my favorite and my best.

Henry follows Charley around. He loves every minute of his time with his brother. Lately at bedtime Henry won't go to bed unless we get him out and show him that Charley is in bed too. He has no problem at nap time but at bedtime...he needs proof that his big brother is also letting the day come to a close.

Henry waves to Charley during swimming lessons. With all the little wet heads and bodies floating around in the pool...he locates Charley and waves.

They have started playing Hide and Seek. Well, Charley will hide and Henry will go find him. They love it and it is very fun to watch. Henry doesn't quite get the hiding thing yet. But I have faith that his big brother will teach him.

I can tell that they are going to be great buds. I love that I give them this time together, at home, to learn to know each other. It is your siblings that will know you the longest in life. I love that I have two boys who are becoming more brotherly with each passing day. I hope they always find something to chuckle about on our couches.

Yesterday I found the boys sitting here giggling and I took pause to enjoy the moment. Charley then said, "Mama, will you take our picture?"

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