Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alone time....who knew....

Charley had a new friend over today, spur of the moment. And they were back playing in our toy/ guest room (we basically moved a lot of our toys in there and removed the door. No more worries about privacy issues with his lady friends or doors slamming on Hank's little fingers. )

His little friend was doing her thing and he was playing with some stuffed dogs. And she came over by him and I heard him say this....

Charley said, "These are the dogs and you can't play with them right now."
New friend responds, "But I am going to play with you now."
Charley explains, "But not with the dogs right now. They are having alone time."
Charley firmly repeats, "I said, not with the dogs. They. are. having. alone. time."

Hmmmmmm....if I had known that Charley knew what alone time was....

I can already see the possibilities....
Charley repeating, "Mama, Mama, Mama! Are you done yet?"
Mama responding, "Just a second, I am going to the bathroom. I am having alone time."

Alone time...the possibilities are endless.

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