Monday, June 1, 2009

17months old - Henry

Right now his favorite spot to sit is on the bottom stair.

This week my Hankeroodle will be 1 1/2 years old. He has been with us: keeping us busy, making us smile, tiring us out, and reminding us what an awesome world we live in. He is a mover. He is walking and starting to hurry or run. He loves to chase Charley around. He squeals with excitement. He gets very excited and says, "Ohhhhh!" He loves to climb onto the couch and stand tall and proud. He slides down to the sitting position as soon as I give him "the look." He is still a picky eater. Textures seem to get him on many foods. But he is doing great at spooning applesauce and cereal all by himself. He can say "mama" and quite a few animal sounds. He has yet to say Charley or daddy. The whole daddy thing surprises me because he gets so excited when we say daddy or see daddy. Last week at my parents I swore he said, "bampa and mahma". He is definitely a mama's boy. Snuggling, staying close, and keeping an eye on my where abouts are a priority. I love that I hold such a special place to him but it is sometimes hard when I would like others to enjoy him without me right there. He just finished his first ecfe class. Through the session you could see him warming up and becoming more confident. By the end of the session he was no longer just sitting and watching. His favorite part of the experience was circle time. He loves to sing songs. Henry will sit for books before bedtime and naptime. He prefers to pick them out himself. He is pretty much napping one long nap in the afternoon. Most days he sleeps 7pm to 7am. He is still enjoying his nuk too much. He loves finding dogs and other animals outside or at the zoo. He is an animal lover.

He is a super little boy who I am thankful for each and every day! I am enjoying watching his personality bloom. It is going to be a busy summer but a great one. I love you little man!

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