Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saves the day...

6:05am - I am awakened by a quiet voice informing me, "Mama, I will play quietly in my room until the clock says 7. okay?"

6:15 - running feet arrive in my room to announce, "Mama, I found my microphone under my bed. Isn't that cool." I responded yes, but play quiet. Henry is still sleeping.

6:20AM! - Singing...I am guessing with the microphone.

6:30 - "Mama, I have to go to the bathroom."

6:32 - once again pattering feet back to his room and shutting his door. Which finally wakes Hank.

7:00 We head downstairs and I tidy up the kitchen and make breakfast.

8:00 We head up to get dressed. This is when it becomes apparent that Charley has been up since 6. He isn't happy with any of the clothing options I suggest. I really don't care today what he wears and I let him pick. The only thing I do boycott is the brown socks hiked to the knees with his white soccer shorts and green soccer top. He cried in his underwear for 45 minutes. I couldn't suggest anything that he liked...even the thing he wanted in the first place (his Star Wars shirt). Even when I could put my hands on that he wasn't happy. This would be one of the reasons I do not like cartoon character shirts. He becomes obsessed and we have these issues. However, today, the Star Wars shirt didn't solve this.

8:45 I backed the car out of the garage and sat and watched him in the doorway crying in his underwear. If he had his pjs on I would have taken him in those. However, his underwear ... not gonna stoop that low. I went out to the car three times and came back in to try and get him dressed and finally after a hug he got dressed.

9:05 We arrived at Henry's class and Charley went off to his classroom to play.

10:30 we got in the car to head to the doctor. Charley was once again crabby and whining that he wanted a snack. Which I had with me but he was sitting in the third row so I couldn't pass it back to him.

10:45 Arrived at the doctor's office but Charley shared that he had taken off his tie shoes and socks. So after trying to get him to get on his shoes we ended up carrying the shoes into the office and sitting on a bench inside to put them on. Mama was not happy!

11:10 finally saw the doctor for Henry's 15 month appointment...yes, I know..a month late. Ed and I both flubbed on knowing he was supposed to be seen at 15 months. We both thought so but then weren't sure and I kept forgetting to call. Oops! Poor guy got shots but proved to be a healthy boy.

12:00 Home - lunch
1:00 Mom's club board meeting
3-5 watched a friends twin boys. Fun play date but mama was running in three directions watching kids inside, outside, and of course Henry.

5:30 Fed the boys...Henry was losing it fast. He only napped for 1 1/2 hours today. And with shots he wasn't feeling top notch. Charley too was losing it quickly. What to make the boys for dinner started to cause breakdown...but then...I saved the day or I saved the dinner by suggesting a surprise cereal. So I made spaghetti and surprise cereal. I bought one of those sample packs with the different types of cereal. I have been placing one at Charley's eating spot every once in a while and it makes him smile. I usually don't buy the kinds of cereals that are included in the small box variety packs. Growing up we only got them when we went camping. I don't normally buy things like this because I try to buy things in larger packages to avoid all the packaging garbage. But tonight...this saved us from another breakdown. Both boys shovelled it in.

6:00 Up for bath

6:15 Henry down..I know early but he needed it.

6:45...Charley saying night night! He was sleeping by 7:20

6:30...ed arrived home with Chipotle and when I arrived downstairs after reading books with Chuck, there was a tall margarita sitting next to my big burrito.

It was a busy day...But busy was good because I know if we had been less busy there would have been far more all.


Anonymous said...

WOW - what a day! And others of us complain about our jobs - how dare we. Being a mom who doesn't lose it is the biggest job of all! Love, your mom

Anonymous said...

Reading this post made me tired and overwhelmed. I am proud of you for all that you do! Chipotle burritos usually make things all better for me...hope it did for you too!


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