Sunday, May 17, 2009

One of those really great weekends...

It was one of those perfect weekends...time with family, friends, getting things done, and relaxing.

Friday morning my brother came to visit. He helped us hit a huge number of garage sales. We all walked away with a little something. The most recent item that Charley got was a "Star Wars Light Saber". He carries it around and loves it. He tells me often how much he loves it and me. Henry has one too and already knows when he carries it to strut his stuff. Uncle Greg stayed for pb&j sandwiches and a little bike riding in the afternoon.

Then Charley and I worked hard to ready the house for our friends to visit. They arrived around 8 and we all enjoyed a few cocktails and catching up. Saturday Kelly and I hit garage sales with the little kiddos. The big boys stayed with the dads and hit up Home Depot for the sandbox needs. By the time we arrived home at 11 the sandbox was pretty much finished - minus the sand! The sand will be delivered this week...hopefully! Our friend Mike is a "Do-it-yourself God!" As Ed stated, "He knows how to get things done and done right." I know Ed appreciated having the help and I am so psyched for the sandbox to become the place to be this summer. Mike and Kelly also brought us a bunch of raspberry bushes. We got those in but aren't sure if they are going to do well in our soil, with our amount of sun etc. But so exciting! I hope we can visit them this summer and help them in some way. We enjoy spending time with them.

Saturday night we headed to Wisconsin to visit more good friends. Dinner, drinks, crazy kids running around, and good times. There were 6 kids there and one who will enter our world very soon. Molly and Gary have a beautiful home that they built, much of it was done with their own two hands and help from family and friends. We love going and watching the progress as they continue to make it their home. We come home motivated to do some small home improvement project which I am sure Gary would laugh at after all the major jobs he has conquered this year. So happy for them.

Kelly and Mike and family headed home on Saturday night and we woke up this morning and headed out to get a few flowers, tomato plants, and other things. Charley and I will work on planting them this afternoon or this week. Our yard is a happening place this year (swingset, sandbox, garden, raspberry bushes, green grass, flowers, hammock). Charley did wake up today not sounding really healthy. So he is taking a nap...second day in a row. While he napped I sat on our deck and read my book...something I haven't done too much. It was peaceful and nice.

It was a great weekend.

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