Monday, May 11, 2009

Life changed...

Charley changes my world

I become a mama!

Henry is welcomed surrounded by love.

Yesterday was Mother's day and I spent the day with my two boys and my husband. Charley was born on Oct. 25 and that is when I became a mama. It is when my life changed. This weekend I asked Ed if he remembers what life was like before we became parents and both of us have a hard time remembering how we spent our time, what we ate, and how we spent our time. Did I mention...time...what in the world did we do all weekend? Becoming a mom has been the biggest life changing event. It is the most important job I will have during my lifetime. It is the most exhausting, inspiring, draining, self-sacrificing, amazing journey one can experience.

I remember when I had friends that started having their second and I remember those are "REAL" moms. Because I had managed to figure out how to be a mom of one...I wondered if I could ever do two! When we had Henry in my head I became a "REAL" Mom too. I think I thought differently of mom's with two because I knew both hands were always busy, both parents were always "on", a van (or mom mobile) was a more logical vehicle, laundry seemed to quadruple, and time...well there was no more time. With Charley we could take turns with him and enjoy a little quiet. With two our family has become that much more busy. And to think we are thinking of having a third...

Becoming a mom is the toughest job but with good friends, supportive family,and an amazing husband it is the most worthwhile experience one can have.

This mother's day I put Ed to work and had him cross of some things on his to do list. He didn't stop all weekend. I didn't either. Ed tilled our garden. I learned how to mow the lawn and we cleaned out the garage. We reorganized a closet or two, enjoyed a margarita or three, and had a nice family dinner at Charley's favorite restaurant. My camera that I got a few weeks ago was my mother's day gift. But I also received the most precious book from Charley. He had collected nature with his Grandma Charlie and from what I understand, he wanted to put it in a book for me. So they taped each item in a book that he stapled together. LOVE IT! So I wouldn't say mother's day was a day of pampering or taking a break from the family. Instead we worked hard together to accomplish some things that were important to me. I said to Ed, "I can't believe we did the garage without a fight!" I hope you all had a great mother's day.

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