Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was born in Illinois and I grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I loved Sheboygan and always thought it would be a great town to move back to and raise a family. When in college my parents moved to a quaint tourist area in southern Wisconsin. I have loved the area they live now since they started looking for a house in the area.

I ache from time to time ...missing the house I grew up in, the yard, the closeness of Lake Michigan, the frequent stops around town that I grew up making with my mom. I wish at times I could return to the town I grew up for any old weekend so I can run into friends from high school without it being a huge deal. However, I think of their home now as my home town now. Like they is the people that make a house a home. In college when I returned home I focused my time on my family so coming home was never consumed by friends.

I came home here for a month before I got married, was married here, and came for week long visits during the summer when I was teaching. When I had the boys I have raised them to endure the long drive to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob's. I have the things I do every time I come home. I love bopping around the towns here and my parents house is filled with things that remind me of our home in Sheboygan. I love that they chose to live in this quaint town that is close enough to Milwaukee, relatives, and friends. I love that they have acquired hobbies that include boat rides and fishing with Charley (and someday Henry).

Even though I would love Charley and Henry to know the house, the bedroom, the basement, the yard, and the lake (Yes, Ed, Lake Superior is a great lake but Lake Michigan is pretty darn great too!), I absolutely love coming HOME to visit.

Note: We are at my parents right now and have been consumed with a garage sale, visiting with Aunt Raina, relatives, and today Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca and Morgan. I will catch up on blogging soon.

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