Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob's

We arrived on Wednesday evening. We had pizza and ran around before bedtime. Once again a long drive but we were here. Thursday morning we took the boys to the beach ...Henry's first time being independent on the beach. He wasn't too sure of it. It was really windy which didn't help. He sat on my mom's lap most of the time. Charley on the other hand was very busy.

Thursday afternoon both boys took a nap and I escaped for a little myself and for myself. It was such a treat. I have been really good about not shopping for myself and was due for a few new items. It was such a gift to be able to ride in the car for 40 minutes and listen to (which I did in record time because there was no one to keep my eye on)...and then drive home listening to more good music.

Friday we ran to a few garage sales and then prepped for the sale we were throwing together at my mom and dads. We went down in the basement and emerged with many memories and lots of stuff to sell. We made our first sale on Saturday morning at 6:58. It was a nice day spent lounging around with the family selling a few items. We had a surprise visit from my Uncle Gerald and Aunt Marydonna from California and my Uncle Gary and Aunt Mary...along with them came my Grandpa! He does't go places much anymore so it was such a treat to have him surprise us. Actually, my dad took Charley to his favorite local restaurant for lunch on Saturday and when they got home Charley said, "Mama, I saw great grandpa!" I had no idea how he would come up with this as a trick and sure wasn't a trick. They ran into them downtown eating.

My dad and his brothers

My Grandpa

The Sale

Aunt Raina was here to hang out and have fun during all of this. Last night Raina and I both admitted to wanting to pay monopoly. So we got out that old game from the basement and gave it a try....three hours later I was proving to be the most powerful player and we ended the game. It sure was different playing as an adult!

This morning Charley, my dad, and I went fishing for a few hours on the lake. We didn't catch anything and didn't even get a nibble. But the lake was beautiful, Charley got to drive the boat, the sun was shining, and I of course love to look at the million dollar homes and dream.

It has been a busy visit so far and there is still much fun to be had. Obviously the boys are busy and having fun because Charley has napped two days here! Lovin' that!

This afternoon the boys are napping and we are waiting for the arrival of Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and baby Morgan. So excited to see her!

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Anonymous said...

just FYI, I know for a fact that MOM ended up being the most "powerful" player in Monopoly and would have won if we had not thrown in the towel because of my $950 tantrum. -Raina


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