Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updated: Earth Day is everyday!

So I stand corrected by an anonymous comment! Today is not officially "Earth Day", but honestly, isn't every day Earth Day if we are living right. So, this afternoon we continued "Saving our planety" (which is what Charley said) and picked up a bag of garbage on our way back from the park. I think he realized what he was doing and why. So it wasn't officially Earth day...which means next week we can do it all again...and if it is rainy and yucky and cold...then heck, in our house we had a beautiful Earth Day!

Today the sun shines in Minnesota and we are taking full advantage. After a busy morning, Hank went down for an early afternoon nap. Charley got down and dirty in the garden exploring and finding things like old pumpkin stumps. We decorated pots and planted grass. Charley will watch it sprout and keep everyone's "hair" trimmed...if it grows. Later today we will walk to the park and pick up garbage along the way. But first lunch at the picnic table, squinting into the sun, letting our bodies heat in the 65 degree temps!

But the best part of the day is to come...dinner out with the hubby. We will toast to you, Ms. Mother Earth! Happy Wednesday! And we will still toast to you Ms. Mother Earth because it was a glorious day!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Earth Day April 22nd next Wednesday!?

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

oops! Okay, who was smarter than me and corrected me. Don't be anonymous...come on....


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