Monday, April 13, 2009

In his Glory...

Charley had been telling people for the last week or so about his upcoming "vacation". He was getting to go to his Aunt Katy's to see his cousins. These cousins are actually his second cousins but I love that he thinks of them as his cousins and he holds them so close to his heart. He talks about them periodically. He thinks he sees them at the park. Certain things remind him of them. They are older than him but they give him attention that makes him feel so special.

Charley was in his glory! He got to dye Easter eggs with his "cousins", play outside (Nine Lives), hangout inside, sit at the kid table to eat Easter dinner, hunt for Easter baskets and eggs, and get his "cousin fix" so he can make it another handful of months until they meet again. We are so lucky to be apart of their Easter, and Thanksgiving, holiday traditions.

Henry's cousin Landen is only 3 months older but what a difference three months makes. Henry found Landen very intriguing and kept an eye on him throughout the visit. Landen was friendly and pushed Henry in the swing and car, gave hugs, and even shared Henry's banana. It was really cute to see them together. It was a great time at Aunt Katy's. On Sunday we drove 5 hours home.

17 hours in the car was totally worth it! And oh. how. lucky. we. are. to have boys that travel well.

Dying Easter Eggs with the cousins he looks up to!

An Afternoon Egg Hunt

Eating at the kids table!

Henry and his grandma and great grandma. He is loved!


Easter Baskets!

Hunting for Eggs on Easter Morning!

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