Saturday, April 4, 2009

Henry is 15 Months Old

Henry is now 15 months old. He continues to amaze us as he has quickened his walking to an almost run. My heart races as he races across the room to dive into my lap. I am waiting for the first bang up that is going to bring the gushing bleed that head wounds seem to result in. He is a picky eater - loves his carbs but won't touch things that are not the right texture. He is definitely communicating more and more. When we were visiting my mom last week it really seemed to pick up. My mom talked to Henry constantly and by the end of the week he would walk right up to her to tell her things. It was adorable. I am trying to follow her great example. He seems to say, Mama (of course), da (for dad), puppy, moo,....but the only one that is for sure is mama right now. He signs more, milk, please, and thank you. Henry sleeps through the night wonderfully these days. He goes down for naps and bedtime so peacefully. He is still taking two good naps and goes to bed from 7 pm until 7 am..if we are lucky. But anytime after 6am is normal. He likes to cuddle with mama before he fully wakes up. He is becoming a great helper. He puts clothes in the hamper, and will pick up toys and put them in bins when asked. His favorite treat is to chew on the upper right hand corner of his mini board books. I have thrown out two so far because they are so chewed. He knows he isn't supposed to do this and will actually hide behind the kitchen set thinking I don't see him. His facial expressions are hilarious and he is getting good at holding his own when it comes to wrestling with his big brother.

He is getting so big, so fast. Here are a few shots from the last two days. I put this green outfit on because I was worried it wouldn't fit if the snow continues to fall. So we pretended it was spring today inside our house.

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