Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hardest Part of the Day

I don't know how many moms I have spoken with...or should I say vented with about the 4-6 pm hour of the day. Depending on one's husband's work hours I find that for most of my mommy friends the time from 4-6 is the hardest, most stressful time of the day. Four o'clock rolls around and the kids are tired. They have had a long day so they are physically tired and they are tired of their environment. They are hungry. They are ready to eat dinner about an hour before dinnertime. But for the sake of the family meal (something I feel is one of the most important things you can do for your child) we moms try to hold off so that we can sit and eat as a family. Brothers begin rough housing if they haven't gotten out enough energy and one child usually ends up crying. As the mom, one tries to pick up the house and make dinner while being ref to the wrestling match.

Unfortunately this is what we face before we see our lovely husband who walks in the door thinking things will be glorious. But for the last two hours we were faced with tired, crabby kids, who have had busy days, no naps, are hungry and ready to eat (but for the sake of the family meal we hold off). So we juggled, danced, sang, played hide and seek, did a puzzle, stood on our head, while stirring the pot on the stove...and trying to sip a glass of wine.

I remember feeling my moms stress when my dad didn't call and was running late. He was an engineer and I don't know if it is an engineer thing or what, but man, did I marry a man like my dad. Not only is my husband also an engineer but he tends to run late and not call to give me a heads up from time to time. Most days I let it roll off my shoulders and we carry on. But there are days when it gets me really crabby. Just a call, or an email, or a text...and I get that there are meetings and you can't escape...but then think ahead in the day...or I don't up with a bottle of wine.

Sighing...letting my shoulders relax...and going to make the boys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so that I can eat later, with my hardworking husband, who I know does his best to be home with us for dinner. I just wish when he can't...he called.

I love you Ed! I am proud of you! I love that you are hardworking! I appreciate our life together....but I really appreciate a call.


Anonymous said...

i liked reading this blog to this song...never heard it before, but it was upbeat while reading your downer blog-which made me picture you drinking that glass of wine and your boys rough housing. love it! -Raina

Barb said...

So true.... Kathy & I (and other moms) used to call this "arsenic hour". We got over it, but even infants seem to be at the end of their ropes around this time every day. Hang in there!


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