Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worth every single penny!

Last fall I insisted that we buy a double jogger. I was itching to walk and this was one way I could do it with both boys. Last fall I loved it and we used it a lot for the one month that we had it before the weather got too cold. This spring we have already used this stroller a ton. Somethings you buy and realize you could have lived without it. But this purchase I have to say is worth every single penny. We have 6 parks we can walk to. The library will be about 30 minutes one way. We have a coffee shop, a subshop, bar and grill, and an excellent place to get margaritas. We can walk to friends and in 40 minutes I can walk to Target. We will be walking a lot this summer. I am happy!

Today we walked to the community park. I got a 40 minute walk in. The boys saw cows! YES COWS! In the middle of the suburbs. One of the many reasons I love where we live.

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The Gardiner Family said...

You go girl with your walking! I am impressed and hope to follow your great example!


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