Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Road Trip

This picture is of Charley in March of 2007...He was about 2 1/2 if I figured that out right. It has become a tradition for me to make a trip to my mom and dads in the spring for a week of fun in their neck of the woods. It is a big trip now with two little boys but hopefully the road trip down will go well tomorrow morning. Mom and dad invited us this year with the intention of taking a day trip by train to the Chicago area for lunch at my old favorite the Choo Choo. We are looking forward to seeing some friends and family for lunch on Saturday. This year I am also meeting an old friend from high school and her two kids at the Milwaukee zoo. We reconnected on Facebook...gotta love it. Other than that we have the usual stuff to look forward to when visiting my mom and dad...lunch out, library trips, parks, walks, shopping at Sentry with the little carts...happy hour with my mom, tired boys who go to bed early. Seeing Aunt Raina and Uncle Andy and just changing up our routine, a new environment, and a break for the day to day life at home. Ed gets to have a few days to himself...which he says is nice the first night but then after that he is lonely and misses us. I get that...but how nice to have the house quiet and to yourself. We'll be back and after an hour with the three of us it will be like we hadn't left. As I pack and get the car ready for our 6 hour journey I realize how much I enjoyed going to my grandma and grandpas houses. I loved the anticipation and remember racing my brother and sister to say "I see Grandma's house." I have those same feelings of anticipation. This trip means spring is here...or right around the corner. Thanks for letting us come and invade your quiet home. Can't wait!

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molly said...

I burst into a smile when I read the "I see Grandma's House" part. Ask Ed if he remembers, "I see the church steeple!" :) Ahh, childhood memories of Grandma's house. Happily, most of mine have my favorite cousins in them. :)


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