Thursday, March 12, 2009


I went up to grab Charley's swimsuit for lessons tonight...a pair of underwear lay bunched on the floor so I picked them up...damp...hmmmmm I walk over to his bed....wet! It is 5 pm. "CHARLEY! YOU NEED TO TELL ME IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT IN YOUR BED!" Charley's response, "Oh, sorry mom. awwwww!" No wonder he wasn't all thrilled this morning that he did it.

I do not mind at all that he had an accident. I do mind that he didn't tell me this morning so I could wash things and have them all ready for tonight. Maybe this was why his bedroom door was closed. I am still proud of him for trying and obviously he got swept up in my celebrating because the truth did not come out until I discovered it.

Life goes on!

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