Monday, March 9, 2009


So I have a friend who I trust with my son..both of them. And I guess she trusts me with her daughter (s) because we have worked out a nifty swap. We do it almost weekly. Two afternoons a week we swap the kids. Amazingly, the kids play so well that whether you have them at your house or not I am able to get things done around the house while listening to two four year olds play, imagine, and get along. Today is my day where Charley goes to her house. So Henry is down for a nap and I get to make my meal coop meals, workout, fold some laundry, and blog without someone whispering in my ear, "Hey mama, wanna play with me?" We have discovered that we either played too much with Charley when he was younger or it is just his personality but he really likes to have someone playing with him, at ALL times. I refuse. He needs to know how to keep himself busy, he needs to use his imagination without my guidance, and I need to get things done around here too. So, it is a gift to have him go to a friends house for the afternoon - but what I really relish about this time is the ache I have in my tummy - missing him. It surprises me every time because I am usually so excited for him to go on an adventure and to have some time of quiet for myself....but about 20 minutes into this time apart I get this dull ache or knot in my stomach and I miss him. So I will get my to do list done, I will try and relish this quiet and know he is having a blast with his friend, and I will be ready to play when he gets home.

Thanks Lynelle for taking him in like he is your own.

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