Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keep 'em straight kiddo

So my son is a ladies man. He has lots of fun with all of his "angels". This morning he played with Olivia from school and this afternoon he played with Elly. They play spy, going to Disney World, farm, and whatever else that comes to mind. They are great friends...however all afternoon he called Elly Olivia. And she politely said, "Charley, I am Elly. Remember, call me Elly." He replies in a relaxed manner, "oh yea. Sorry about that." Elly replies, "That's okay, Charley." My fear...some day one of his lady friends isn't going to be as forgiving if he calls them the wrong name.

1 comment:

Lynelle said...

That's funny! I can hear both of them saying those things.


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